Ben & Alicia

27 Jan

We have officially ended, or will soon end, Day 6. I know I feel great. Its my brain that needs to detox now. Too many years of riding the sugar highs and lows of gluten. 

We were trying to making health changes for the better, and I had actually looked into the Paleo diet, but wasn’t sure if I was comfortable with how much meat they consumed. 

Now that I know that there is no such thing as “heart healthy” whole grains… the transition is going much smoother. 

But how to erase the files of recipes, the memories of tastes. That is going to take quite a bit longer. I feel myself just going through the motions, and trying to block the half of my brain that wants something fluffy to bite into. I don’t care if its a cupcake or a hot roll.

I can do this.

If you want to see what we are eating, our blog is

It has a sister site where I post the recipes separately

We are all in this together!


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