Pantry Purge

27 Jan

Ok family.  I am ready.  I have officially purged my pantry of all things processed and full of grain  Time to ditch the chocolate, bread, ice cream, etc., etc. etc. that my body so craves and loves and stick to whole foods only.  No gluten, no corn, no soy, no dairy.  Yes I am in full mourning over the loss of all things gluten, its a fact.  But after reading and researching and perusing I am actually super excited about the challenge.  There are so many cool new foods to try that my body is just gonna love.  Like coconut oil, almond milk, and ghee, yes ghee! (It’s a fat folks, like butter but better).  When I was going through my pantry looking at all the ingredient lists I couldn’t believe the things I have been putting in this here vessel for the past 30 years.  (First year of life doesn’t count).  Can’t wait to give this a go.  Not sure I’ll be feeling the same way a week from now when my body is in full blown withdrawal mode.  I do NOT want to be Josh or Sophia during that time cause I’m pretty sure that little bitty tiny mean streak I have is gonna get way worse!

So I found an awesome blog called nom nom paleo that has some incredible looking recipes.  The best part – an iPad app that has beautiful glossy photos, and a 30 day meal plan with shopping list and shopping guide for next to nothing.  Not to mention this blog has won all kinds of blogger best awards and has amazing user ratings.  Sold!  Check it out and see if you like:

Monday is the big start day for me.  For those of you who have already started.  What did you do stave carb cravings and how long till you no longer wanted to reach for the bread?  I feel like I will need a major knitting project to keep these hands busy.


3 Responses to “Pantry Purge”

  1. walicia January 27, 2013 at 5:37 am #

    I checked out the nom nom website and I am so excited about her recipes. WOW! I won’t be able to use the app but I loved all the great food photography, or as she calls it, food porn. LOL!

    • walicia January 27, 2013 at 5:46 am #

      And when you asked what I did to stave the carb craving… I went in my room and cried! HAHA.. Just kidding. You will quickly start to crave your fruit at each meal. And while you are munching on your fruit, you search the internet for gluten-free brownies…

      You can do it!

  2. elderperkins January 27, 2013 at 5:42 am #

    Nicole, what has been your favorite thing so far? Anytime I’m craving something I go to the fruit section of the kitchen. Cashews have also come in handy. Alicia has made some pretty goods stuff though. We had spagetti squash spaghetti. It was heavenly.
    She used stir fried zucchini, onions, etc,. put it with a organic tomatoe sauce, and then the squash. When she handed it to me, I was like, “really?” D – Vine! It was such a Susan Boyle moment for me.

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