Green Drink.

28 Jan

It was only a matter of time:)


Here are the ingredients to my precious Green Drink:

Orange juice
Handful {or 2} of fresh spinach
Kale {1 or 2 leaves depending upon how big they are}
a Banana
frozen mixed berries
frozen strawberries {4 or 5}
flaxseed {1-2 TBS.}

*Collard Greens are usually in there as well, I haven’t tried it yet but I have been meaning to get some & add it to this recipe.

+add water while blending if you want the consistency to be less thick & smoothie like. After doing it often you will just want to down it faster & watering it down helps.

I would suggest putting the ingredients in the blender in that order. The consistency of it turns out best that way. Heavy on top, soft on the bottom.

* on banana: i know it is on the list of “no go’s” but I talk to Dr. Geronimo about what I put in it and he said that it was great! So either he didn’t hear the banana part or it doesn’t apply to me? IDK. But I have made it without banana before and it doesn’t taste quite as good. The banana masks a lot of the bitter flavor from the kale, but your choice! Also, I read somewhere once that the more ripened a banana is, the less acidic it becomes so an over ripened banana would be best for you and the drink.

*Dr. Geronimo also said that it is best to eat something like this (because of the fruit in it) after your meal is eaten.

* on flaxseed: I love these little guys. They are really great colon cleansers and have been known to help prevent some cancers. Go to Winco in the bulk food section and invest in flaxseed. You won’t regret it. A lot of people put them on their yogurt and in their cereal too but since those are off limits for now, you can think of other creative things to put them on!

*NOELLE & ALICIA: Kale (and spinach too, I think?) has been known to soften stool and help prevent hemorrhoids from returning. My little friend has not come back in months and months since I started these things everyday. Not a guarantee that the kale will kick in actually during labor, but hey it’s worth a shot! TMI? okay.

And last but not least, I truly believe in these things!
Mandy is to green drink as Jim is to gluten free. My good friend started and told me about them, so we tried and I have been hooked ever since! I feel much more cleansed, energized and healthy. My bowel movements are soft and regular. It is high in fiber (kale), loaded with good carbs, antioxidants (berries) and helps helps boost your metabolism and your immune system (spinach). I would try it. Not just once but multiple times to get the drink the way you like it. If you make them everyday it becomes second nature and doesn’t take much time at all. Stick to them as often as you can! If you do I know you will love them as much as I do.

I am now off of my soap box.
Thank you and good night!


3 Responses to “Green Drink.”

  1. walicia January 28, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

    We talked to Dr Geronimo and which nuts, veggies, and fruits were restricted because what he told us on the phone, and what he sent with his guides, were two totally different things. He said since we are high functioning patients, we wouldn’t have to limit any of the fruits or veggies that we ate. As long as our meals were made of whole foods. So that is why my recipes have bananas, peppers, and tomatoes.

    I’m excited to try this!

  2. donnellynicole January 28, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

    Love this! Anneke gave me her old Vitamix this month and I’ve been doing a modified version of this for the past two weeks now (almond milk or apple juice in place of orange) and it does come together easily. It’s pretty good with almond milk if you want to try that.

  3. noellojello January 28, 2013 at 11:49 pm #

    Oh my gosh Mandy you read my mind! I was going to call you today for this recipe. Thanks for posting! Who doesn’t want a nice soft stool? 🙂

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