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Hold the Phone!!!

23 Feb

I am about to become your new best friend. Well, after you finish your Whole 30. Are you ready for really good news!


I have been “Paleo Baking” and the results are very discouraging. VERY. 

Until this morning. Please meet my new friends from Against All Grain. 


You just might do a happy dance in the kitchen.

Or run to the bedroom to shove some in Ben’s mouth because you can’t believe your taste buds.

She also has a variation with cashews. I liked this ratio of almond milk/coconut flour better.


Once a Month Mom

21 Feb

I have been following this blog for some time now, and I really like their meal ideas. They share all recipes freely. What they are selling is their structure for cooking all the meals for one month IN ONE DAY. Whew… well it doesn’t cover a meal for every day because lets face it… sometimes we go out and aren’t home. I’m excited because that will give me some flexibility to still try new recipes and not be stuck to a strict regiment.

They are $8/month, or $72 for the year. I made a small leap and just bought a memebership for a month, but you have access to all meal plans (they also have whole foods and gluten free/dairy free meal plans. Sweet!)

Link to Pinterest with the meals for February (you have to go on their website for the clickable links)


Caramelized Coconut Chips

11 Feb

Caramelized Coconut Chips

These were pretty tasty! From the book Well Fed, and the link to her website, The Clothes Make the Girl. In her cookbook, she uses 1/4 t. cinnamon. The kids really liked them, and so did I. I think they would be really amazing in trail mixes, recipes, or used as a garnish. Mmmm…

Who inspires YOU?

6 Feb

So I keep offering links to my favorite recipes, but how about links to my favorite blogs?

I love Nicole’s Nom Nom Paleo for starters. (THANK YOU!!)

Here are some other goodies! (unique flavors!) (free menus!) (baked good? She’s your woman.) (for great versions of your old favorites!) (Author of Well Fed. She’s creative!) (she inspired Paleo Parents! And loves grapeseed oil. Lol!)

Your turn! Who inspires you?


Need to laugh?

5 Feb

So I forgot to tell everyone something funny.

Is it still funny if I ruin it like that? Oh tell me I didn’t ruin the joke!

I was listening to the radio and I found out that there is a famous singer that went gluten free!

Want to hear the song about it?

To Spencer and Mandy

29 Jan

I found a website you guys might be able to use! Well, I am sure everyone would like this change to be easier on the wallet. Really!

Gluten Free Cookbook

I saw her cookbook on Amazon, and a reviewer mentioned that she had a blog.

Her name is Nicole Hunn, and her website is

I glazed over her blog, and she has “Paleo-like” recipes. So this is something to really check out! Woot! I love good resources!

Steve’s Original- Paleo Krunch Cereal

29 Jan

Paleo Krunch Cereal

I bought some! I did. For day 31! It has a sweetener, so I will wait till my 30 days are over, and then I am having cereal for breakfast. This cinnamon krunch has …

“(a) delicious blend of coconut, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pecans, almonds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, and honey.”


We also bought the cranberry and the apple one. (I say we… but I mean I. I’m sneaky.)

But beware. See if you can find it in a local store before you buy online. Shipping is half of your child’s future college tuition. (Okay so for 3 bags of cereal it was $12) I don’t have too many resources in the state of Idaho. I called the most well stocked health foods store, and they didn’t have it. We have 2 or 3 smaller stores. Maybe I can convince one of them to start selling the product.

Or I can find a recipe that is similar. Duh!